Our Services

RoofDeck Solutions is the only full-service stocking wholesaler of modular lightweight RoofDeck paver and support systems in the NorthEast.  Our mission is to help Mother Nature heal urban blight, from the rooftop down.

We provide technical assistance such as:

  • site-visits
  • takeoffs (pre-build color coded how-to plans)
  • AIA accredited Lunch-and-Learns for architects
  • Project Management
  • Pre-installation materials training clinics
  • Valuable field experience in wind-uplift, drainage, high-elevation, and access challenges
  • A network of strategic alliances, who are experienced, skilled, design and labor resources

We carry products such as:

  • Bison’s unparalleled pedestal system, including exotic wood pre-constructed panels
  • Bison’s new Wind-Uplift prevention tray system
  • Kronos-USA new line of US manufactured porcelain pavers
  • The extensive Elegance line of porcelains, and Turkish-quarried natural stone pavers
  • Rise-It 100% recycled “waffle” system designed specifically for porcelain pavers
  • StoneDeck lightweight natural stone laminated to fiberglass backplane pavers

NOTE:  We are not contractually obligated to any material vendor, nor design-service or labor entity, so we are uniquely able to provide unbiased high-value products and services that result in the most cost-effective finished projects.